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Legacy at Hop Life for Friday the 13th


Sean Maloney lost his leg to cancer at age 12. He found the guitar and a sense of humor and love of music. Now, living in Orlando, FL. he cleverly goes by the name "Legacy" and offers up a melodic mix of grooves... Legacy's brand of music cannot be classified solely, but as organic music that will make you tap both of your feet. Jam-based, reggae overtones with hints of jazz horns and scat work, over beat boxes looped to perfection. Shakin' like you were on Shakedown Street itself.

Using looping, Legacy provides anything from a happy beach melody to an eerie DUB vibe to a P-Funk groove. Always using organic percussion like beatboxes, djembe, kazoo, and a number of wood/pipe tones, the sounds become layered like a full band. The root instrument is acoustic guitar with effects, however, Legacy plays an antique C.C.Clark Bass live to add to the show and sound. And soon other instruments will be featured...(keys/3 pc drums/who knows?)

Earlier Event: September 30
Grand Opening